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Releases February 2018

Purple Book Diaries

Creative Writing Group The Purple Book Diaries words of an addict:

The ‘Purple Book Diaries’ are the clients pre-journey, present journey and future desired life goal journey. This starts off as group therapy and ends in a one-on-one session to complete the page or pages that will be entered into the ‘Purple Book Diaries’ for 2017. Every year another ‘Purple Book Diary’ will be offered and available via our website. Some can choose to be anonymous and others will want to be on the forefront of being a part of the advocacy work these pages will undoubtedly inspire.

Regardless of the fact that some will be identified or not, the ‘Purple Book Diaries’ will be a great resource for clinicians, therapists and the entire addiction & mental health community. The creative writing sessions are an extremely effective tool to truly express what’s going on inside the mind of the client. What is unique about our program is that the participants will have a choice to be a part of something larger then themselves & truly serve others. They will be a part of the ‘Purple Book Diary History’ that will be used for research & advocacy all over the world.

The proceeds from the Purple Book Diaries will go to Gateway Community Outreach, which is a 501 c3 Nonprofit organization, and will be used for the sole purpose of providing treatment for those that do not have coverable insurance or the means to financially cover treatment.  Through the process of each client sharing their journey on in these diaries we will be changing lives one page at a time.

The Purple Balloon:

We understand the epidemic all too well, and realize that this disease will take lives. This is the call none of us want to get. We want to use this unfortunate opportunity to bring awareness to our community and yours regardless of location.  The significance of the Purple Balloon is to raise awareness for this horrible epidemic that is taking lives daily.

We want the “Purple Balloon” to fill up the sky of every city, state, and country around the world the 1st Friday of every month starting July 7th, 2017 to raise awareness.  We are diligently working to get as many treatment centers and family members involved that has lost someone to go to our website and type in the name of the person you lost.  We will at no cost put that name in a bio- degradable helium “Purple Balloon” and send it up into the sky in memory of that person.

When we all collectively do this, the sky will be PURPLE.  The lives that are being lost by those are not seeking or receiving treatment is astronomical.  In order for us to make this change we need to get the treatment to those who can’t afford it, or do not have the health insurance that will cover the expense.  Our goal is for people to purchase the “Purple Book Diary” so that the proceeds can help a loved one get the treatment they desperately need & deserve.

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